(Mixture of Analog Painting & Digital Production. Up to2005)

  Based on the data I make by scanning my own analog paintings such

  as drawings, collage, monotype and mixed media,

  I create one work through the computer. My works travel freely from

  anolog to digital paintings and integrate various drawing media to one

  work : I don't use my analog paintings on the computer for the purpose

  of creating mock images. I respect each characteristics of the analog

  paintings and when processing on the computer, I leave their material

  feelings and textures as traces. This computer process enables me to

  create unique paintings with mingled colors and complicated textures,

  which is inexpressible only by analog paintings. For the final output,

  I select the most suitable media for the data out of various printing

  paper, Japanese paper, watercolor paper, and canvases, then print with

  a full-sized pigment-based inkjet printer.

  “Plural Composition Work” is the way I display my works on the wall.

  I divide one work into several panels and make small spaces between

  each one of them which I accurately calculate. In this way, I hope to

  create“Ma”(sense of expansion and continuation) which enables one to

  have diversified perspectives to my work. The wall itself can function as

  a part of the work. “Ma”is the application of “Fusuma-e” (paintings

  on Japanese sliding doors, which originated in China) structure.

  Fusuma-e usually consists of more than four pieces of doors.

  In Fusuma-e structure great emphasis is put on the use of spaces

  which gives paintings dynamism and dimensions.

  The purpose of my works is not searching for a new mode of art, but

  giving flexibility to the frame of the art that we now have.

  The way I create works is also my interpretation of analog paintings

  from the viewpoint of digital paintings.