My works are made up of strips of hand colored paper arranged in a collage.
  Every individual shape that forms the image is flexible and rich with variety,

  and it has recognizable forms that, while based on everyday animals and plants,

  are unique and extremely solid.

  While I was born and raised in an urban area, I spent a number of years living

  in a mountain village in the countryside during the mid 1990s.
  My experience directly observing the diversity of wild plants and animals and

  the fascinating ecosystem in which they are present has inspired the atypical

  animal and plant forms that appear in my work.
  In addition to that, I also take inspiration from modern animation and movies,

  on top of the works of the master artists of Japan from the 17th-19th centuries.

  The fantastic expressions I use are not simply depictions of the invisible

  spiritual beings or magical creations that have been present in Asian countries

  since ancient times, nor are they a counter-expression against the naturalism

  of the Western world. Instead, my expressions can be characterized as a tribute

  to the metaphor of biodiversity and the symbiotic relationship it has with the world.

  In other words, it adds a universal ideology to a generalized model that depicts

  these many fantastic elements.

  The primary theme in the creation of my work is the existence of a new symbiotic

  space established in the search for new areas where diversity and individuality

  can coexist.

  A key element of this work is the linkage and harmony of each individual part.
  It could also be called an experiment to visually connect something typically

  separated, such as different ethnicities or cultures.
  It symbolizes a world view established on adding order to individual parts is

  structurally the same as actual human society.

  I believe that artists who are involved in visual artwork serve an important

  in breaking down barriers of prejudice on all sorts of subjects, and offer people

  an opportunity to think about something from a different viewpoint than that of

  conventional society by providing and sharing a new visual experience with them.
  Moreover, it could also be said that the piece is a visual simulation of a new

  symbiotic space for its viewers and for me, its creator.