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★Acrylic color & oil painting



Spectrum NY 1-12










 Spectrum NY12点は和歌山県田辺市内にある辻医院様でご覧になれます。

 ★シリーズ12点がArt Bookになりました。詳しくはこちらをご覧下さい。




★ Collage & Mixed media





















Art Slant : the #1 contemporary art network.

There are some art works only listed in this site.

Please visit my profile page.


★ “My Local Work” 和食レストラン一方杉


My painteing works are purchasable in Japanese restaurant“Ippo sugi”.


 梅本秀二 遺作展 (Presents by Takayoshi Ueda)

Original picture of the illustration of fairy tales & Oil and Water color.




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