Takayoshi Ueda was born in Osaka Prefecture in 1969 and studied oil painting at

     art school in Kyoto.

     Taking inspiration from an experience he had while attending university, in which

     he was able to see the expressiveness made possible through a computer with

     monochrome illustration software, in 1994 he began to introduce computer-related

     methods into his work.
     Mr. Ueda's work has transitioned over the years, passing through an early fantastical

     style using input materials like hand-painted paper and associated textures, to a stage

     that began in 2008, in which digital collages are employed in various ways to produce

     works composed of irregular flora and fauna.
     Mr. Ueda continues to produce paintings and collages integrating computer-generated

     output from his studio in Wakayama Prefecture.
     He has also come to use some of his works as graphic designs for apparel and other

     products, and, from 2011 onward, has displayed these pieces in several individual


     Originally from Japan, Mr. Ueda has gone on to present his work internationally in

     Europe, America and Southeast Asia, starting with an individual exhibition held in

     New York in 2007.




 2016  Awarded Gallery Show Award in International Emerging Artist Award (Dubai/Belgium)
     Group Exhibition of 30 International Emerging Artist Award's laureates. (ifa laboratory,

     Brussels, Belgium)

     World Art Dubai “Under 1,000 USD Wall” (Dubai Convention Center, UAE)

     TKO International Miniprint Exhibition (Tokyo: B-gallery,  Kyoto: Art Zone Kaguraoka,

     Osaka: GALLERY IROHANI, Japan)


 2015  Awarded Still Images Division Grand Prize in 2015 ASIA DIGITAL ART AWARD
     (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan)

     Wakayama Prefectur Art Society Exhibitions (Wakayama, Japan)
     OFF THE S{H}ELF - the eclectic in the artist’s book. (i’klectik Art-Lab, London, UK)

     SPHINX2015 The hidden Thebes festival (ALPHA- CENTER ANAGOMOSIS inks,


 2014  Private Exhibition 2014 (Gallery juen, Wakayama, Japan)
     2014~ jury of Tanabe City Exhibition (Wakayama, Japan)
     Wakayama Prefectur Art Society Exhibitions (Wakayama, Japan)

 2013  Awarded Second Prize in 2013 Creative post Grand Prix 「Look this!」
     (Adobe Creative Cloud + OTSUKA CORPORATION, Japan)
     Wakayama Prefectur Art Society Exhibitions (Wakayama, Japan)

 2011  Awarded SILVER Prize in Art here! The Fukuoka street canvas (Fukuoka, Japan)
     ArtSlant : The contemporary art network New York 3rd Showcase Winners in the video
     /computer art Category, 6th Showcase Winners in the mixed-media Category.
     Awarded First Prize in MOCA : Museum of Computer Art Salon 1 Digital Art Contest
     5th Private Exhibition (Gallery juen, Wakayama, Japan)
     lacda“Snap to Grid”International Open Exhibition (Los Angeles Center For Digital


 2010  Zeros + Ones : The Digital Era (climate/gallery, NY)
     lacda“Snap to Grid”International Open Exhibition (Los AngelesCenter For Digital


 2009  ASIAGRAPH 2009 CG ART GALLERY (Tokyo, Japan)
     Excellent work in DESIGN GARDEN "Message" T-shirt design contest (Tokyo, Japan)
     Opening group exhibition (Gallery juen, Wakayama, Japan)

     Award Exhibition of 1~6th Nishiwaki City Thumbhole Grand Prize Exhibition (Hyogo,

     Awarded Design garden prize in T-shirt art exhibition design contest in DESIGN
     GARDEN (Tokyo, Japan)
     Awarded in decencia beauty×ART Design competition (Japan)

 2007  Artist Run Exhibition Series 1 (Hedeh Restaurant in NY)
     Original Design Brand Set up The“Gutchee Projects Series”in DESIGN GARDEN.
     4th Fukumitsu Munakata Commemoration Grand Prize Print Exhibition (Toyama,

     ART Singapore 2007(Exhibition booth of Galleria CarloLivi 115, Suntec Singapore)
     4th Private Exhibition (Atelier of Nishiwaki City Art Museum in Hyogo, Japan)
     ESPAI 1010 in Barcelona, Spain)
     Digital Image 2007 Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)

 2006  Awarded in 2006 Asia Digital Art Award (Fukuoka, Japan)
     3rd Private Exhibition “FUSION”(Coo Gallery, NY)
     Digital Image 15th Anniversary Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)
     Selected in Art Independent Contest (Tokyo, Japan)
     Awarded Judge Prize in 6th Nishiwaki City Thumbhole Grand Prize Exhibition (Hyogo,

     16th Art of Flower Grand Prize Exhibition (Osaka, Japan)
     U-35・60-Artist Exhibition (Nagoya, Japan)

 2005  2nd Private Exhibition “Plural Composition Work”(Osaka, Japan)
     3rd Yamamoto Kanae Commemoration Grand Prize Print Exhibition (Nagano, Japan)
     Award Exhibition of 2005 contest prize winners (Coo Gallery, NY)
     U-35・500-Artist Exhibition (Yokohama, Japan)

 2004  22nd Izu Art Festival Painting Contest (Shizuoka, Japan)
     3rd Fukumitsu Munakata Commemoration Grand Prize Print Exhibition (Toyama,

     Exhibition of “Modern Artists”(Hira Art Museum in Shiga, Japan)
     1st Private Exhibition “PRIMARY”(Osaka, Japan)
     Awarded Digital Prize in Coo Gallery Contest (NY)

 Up to 2003
     Participated in many exhibitions throughout Japan, including city exhibitions,
     group exhibitions and numerous contests.

    Awards include :
     Mayor Prize, Cultural Society Prize, Encouragement Prize
     in Daito City Art Society Exhibitions. (Daito civic center, Osaka, Japan)
     Talented Youth Prize in Junten Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan)
     Encouragement Prize in 3rd Man Paean Grand Prize Exhibition (Saitama, Japan)

 1993  Graduated from Kyoto Seika University : majored in Plastic art and oil painting 

 1969  Born in Osaka, Japan