“Fertile IslandⅠ(C)

   pigment-based inkjet print on synthetic fiber cloth,
   synthetic resin, wood panel
   Panel mount type:32 1/3×32 1/3 inches (83×83cm)
   Limited Edition  ED 1/6


   Detail + Composed a series of Fertility Island,

 Specification and state  



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Composed a series of Fertile IslandⅠ︎

total:32 1/3×98 inches (82×249cm)








Specification and state of the works

Title: Fertile Island Ⅰ(C)  ED1/6

Work ID: daw-p009
State of the work: favorable
Frame specification: You can display directly without framing.



◎Wood panel mount type

Picture image continues to the side of the panel.

(Picture is an example)


The signature is stated in the thickness part at the

bottom of the screen.

With a Certificate of Authenticity